Bacon & Guacamole Sammies

This recipe is pretty self explanitory….so quick and easy, enjoy!

bacon gaucomole

The Ingredients:
• Pastured bacon – Fat removed and grilled.
• Guacamole

For the Gacamole:
• 3 avocados
• Juice from 1 lime
• 1 small shallot, minced
• Salt (approximately 3 generous finger-pinches of Kosher salt)
• Freshly ground pepper
• Aleppo pepper

• In a medium bowl, combine the minced shallot, salt, and lime juice. Let sit for 10 minutes.
• Pit and peel avocados. Take half of the flesh and mash it in a bowl with a fork.
• Pour the lime mixture into the bowl and combine with the mashed avocado.
• Dice the remainder of the avocado flesh into 3/4-inch cubes and gently incorporate into the mixture in the bowl.
• Add freshly ground pepper and Aleppo pepper to taste.


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