The Underground has put together a nice little series of talks and workshops to help you help you find your fitness feet in 2019. Alongside access to our programmed workouts, we’ll be providing printed programs, seminars, workshops and frequent check-ups to make success a certainty (alongside a little elbow grease from yourselves of course). Unlike the other programs we have done in the past, this is like an “amped-up” membership, providing you with a detailed induction of how our system works, and how to best utilise the provided material to achieve success. this is everything you will need to smash your goals in 2019. Happy Days!

What you get in the package….

    • FREE TRIAL up to start date
    • 2 Months Underground Membership with Unlimited Workout Access
    • 2 Months Underground Membership with Unlimited Workout Access
    • Introduction Seminars at two times, both for morning (school drop) and evening (after work) groups.
    • 50 Page Program Booklet, Tailored Around You
    • 2 Exercise and Safe Technique Workshops, Developing Your Skills (morning and evening times)
    • Weekly Result Check up on our Non-Invasive Body Testing Machine\
    • Weekly Check Ins via WhatsApp groups (smaller and large groups available)
    • All Nutrition Explained, and Recipes Supplied
    • Food List sent in advance so you can get your shopping done

Coming together in large number has some amazing benefits, like the fact that we can schedule seminars and workshops for medium sized groups giving you a lot more value. This is a benefit extremely difficult to supply to people individually outside the personal training setting. So if we can arrange a specific date for everyone to start together, we can supply a lot more info for a lower cost. You still have your own access to any scheduled class, but can enjoy the additional benefits with the larger group. 

Regular Membership Stuff Supplied
Big Intro Stuff Supplied
Regular Membership Cost
Big Intro Cost

The Underground has been helping people find a passion in fitness for the last 8 years. Our programs have helped individuals like you find success by making fitness fun, not by drilling you into the ground. Our workouts are difficult, but what really achieves long term success is habit, and we know you will look forward to coming to our classes (and not just be dreading it). Our workouts are scalable, meaning beginners can work at their own pace and build their fitness up gradually and without pressure. 

Do I have to attend the same workouts all the time?

No, as a signed on member you can attend as many of the workouts as you wish, and on your own schedule. The only parts that have a locked time for you to attend is the seminars and workshops, but we have set up morning and evening times to attend.

If I book in for the evening seminar, can I only attend the evenings workshops? 
No, you can jump between the evening and morning seminars and workshops as a signed up member.

What is the body testing?
We have a very non-invasive machine called an Inbody scanner. This is a medical machine that you stand on and hold 2 probes. A report is printed for you and your result stored internally. We use this internal result to determine your calories before supplying your printed guide. 

What if I have to miss something?
Its not to worry, the most important thing is you attend the classes, get your tailored guide and follow the nutrition. 

Are the classes difficult?
Yes and no. The workouts are tough, but they are designed in a way that anyone can do something in each exercises (its called scalable). You will never come to exercise where there is a weight you cannot lift, or a movement you cannot perform. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced options, and everyone works at their own pace.

What is the nutrition like?
We present to you a personal breakdown of what macros (gas of protein/fat/carbs/fibre) and calories you would require to reach certain goals. These goals are detoxifying, fat burning and building lean mass (toning). All the science is explained in the 50 page program you get, and there is a list of recipes to follow, when to have which type of recipe, and a method to track your progress. All will be explained in the intro seminar.

What if I Travel in-between?
Your membership can be paused for durations over 1 week.  There is strictly no backdating so please let us know in advance. 

Do I need to book into workouts?
Yes, we have an app which we will instruct you to download. If you sign up to the program you will need to create an account, you can sue this login to get into the app and book your required workouts.

Our printed program makes life very handy, supplying you with tailored calorie and macro-goals while also supplying a list of recipes. This takes all the guesswork out of what you have to do, not only supplying the info, but also the meals to aim for and the means to track and fine tune your progress.

Apart from our set schedule for the seminars and workshops, you can attend any of the classes to train on your own schedule. The ultimate aim is for 3 or 4 workouts a week, but if you miss a workout you have the flexibility to just book another one in. We have 6 different workouts a week, so you’re also guaranteed never to do the same workout twice.

You also have access to the most exciting thing to hit the morning since McDonald Hash Browns, the Underground Conveyer. This is our patented system that feeds people into a large workout that runs from 6am to 7.40am. This means you can land anytime (we mean anytime) you want between 6am and 7am, and get your full workout in on your own terms. This means the perfect morning schedule, and hitting the snooze button a couple more times if you need to.