Slim Down Meal Plan


2 weetabix with 150ml of organic low fat milk, glass of wat

5 low fat turkey sausages (available in tescos)


30gms of almonds/peanuts/assorted nuts, 15ogms low-fat cottage cheese


Sandwich (2 slices multigrain bread), 170gms turkey, spinach, tomatoe, 15ml low fat mayo


Sandwich (2 slices multigrain bread), Sweet pickle relish, can of tuna, lettuce


Stir-fry,  120gms chicken, frozen stir-fry veg, ginger, minced garlic and soy sauce

Ketogenic Menu – Brocolli, Olives and Egg Salad


Fresh broccoli florets Boiled eggs
Green olives Red Onion
Mayonnaise Black Pepper
Paprika Salt

How to Prepare:

Quantities of everything according to taste. I would use I bunch brocooli, 3 eggs chopped in large pieces, ½ cup olives, ½ large red onion chopped. The rest of the ingredients really depend on your preferences, but black pepper really makes this salad. Mix everything together and coat well with mayo. Chill and serve.

Ketogenic Menu – Shrimp Egg Salad

2 eggs – hard boiled
2 tablespoons mayonnaise
1 cup shrimp – frozen, cocktail

How to Prepare:
Chop boiled eggs into bowl add mayonnaise and mix well. Dump frozen shrimp into boiling water for 1 min then drain. Add shrimp to egg salad. Mix and chill This is good on Atkins bread, a bed of chopped spinach, or just by itself

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Ketogenic Menu – Avocado, Cheese and Flavoured tuna

1 cucumber
1 small tin of flavoured tuna
1 avocado block cheese (your choice depends on your preference)

How to Prepare:
Quite easy i just thought it up the other day and i haven’t tried it yet but it sort of gives a substitute instead of using cracker biscuits. Slice the cucumber to reasonable thickness. Put a slice of cheese on the cucumber. Then some avocado then finally some flavoured tuna on top

Ketogenic Menu – Tuna and Egg Salad

Carbs Per Serving: 0-3gms    High Protein


Tomato (optional)
Shredded cheddar cheese
Hard boiled egg

How to Prepare:

Mix mayonnaise and tuna. Serve on a bed of tomato & lettuce . Slice a hard boiled egg and top with some shredded cheddar cheese.


Ketogenic Menu – Chicken Wings

Serves:2,10 | Carbs Per Serving:0 | Prep Time: 20 min. | Effort: Easy


3 lbs. chicken wings
6 T. Hot Sauce
1 Stick Butter
2 qts. cooking oil
Seasoned Salt

How to Prepare:

WINGS: Cut whole wings at joints and discard tips. Sprinkle wings liberally with Lawry’s Seasoned Salt. Deep fry until golden brown and crispy. Drain on paper towels.

SAUCE: Combine melted butter and hot sauce in a large bowl, mix well. Add wings and coat evenly. This recipe is for mild wings-add extra hot sauce for more heat. Serve with bleu cheese and celery.


Cyclical Ketogenic Diet – Recommended Intake

Heres how intake is determined during the CKD. Your muscular actions run off carbohydrates, theres no other way. Muscle Glycogen powers muscular contraction, and glycogen is derived from carbs. So you cannot expect to train with intensity (same weight)
over a long period with no carb intake. As you train a specific bodypart you deplete its glycogen, so after 1 week most muscles should be depleted. This is where the “carb-up” comes in..

For 1 night and 1 day you load up on carbs to fully replace all the carbohydrates you have lost during the week. I will prescribe you the rough amount of carbs needed to fill your muscle glycogen. As these carbs
will be needed more importantly for muscle recovery, you will still need some fats for energy. As your carb intake will be high you will need less fat to maintain appetite, so can actually keep burning fat during
your carb up day :)

Preferably your 1st carb night would be after training your last session of the week. So for most people heading out on a friday night after a good carb dinner would be preferable, or else train your last day on
Saturday and follow suit. It is also recommended to have some fruit before your last training session to prepare your body for the glycogen synthesis.

I will also work out the recommended dosage for protein and fat for weekdays. So please let me know if you are interested in the diet so I can work on writing up your intake requirements.