We have changed classes temporarily to 45 mins long. All our workouts will be stationary in nature. Meaning you will have a piece of equipment, mat and wide space to train in. Equipment will not passed between members in these style of workouts. Workout wise they can be done as AMRAPS (do something as many times as possible in a space of time), or as circuits (do one exercises, then another exercise etc), or as stacks (A, AB, ABC, ABCD etc). You dont have to move around and use equipment someone just used. Clean down your mat, and the instructor will clean down the kettlebells after use, so keep them aside.

So to recap, please read these key points carefully….

– Class sizes will be cut to 45 mins.
– Extra class times will be added so check the app
– No attendance without booking (WhatsApp 0876145063 if you’re having trouble booking).
– Please disinfect your hands before and after workout at the door.
– 2 metres will be placed between people during exercise.
– You can use 1 or 2 kettlebells during the class, but once you have it, it can’t be passed on.
– When finished put your kettlebells in the separate pile for the instructor to clean down.
– You must wipe down your mat after use, and place back where it was.
– Please do not come down if you have any visible symptoms.
– Please respect other members personal space, especially just before/after workouts
– Unfortunately due to this scenario, we have to urge people not to hang around afterwards.
– Please bring your own water bottle to avoid congregating around water cooler.