The Perfect Breakfast For Muscle

Wake up and straight off the mark get a 30gram serving of whey Protein into you. A lack of nutrients during sleep leaves your muscles aching and crying for protein. A quickly digestable liquid whey shake gets to your muscles to boost recovery quickly, so is best taken about 10 minutes before your carbs (which will slow down the absorption process.

Then a bowl of oats in the form of muesli or porridge with low fat milk (not soy milk, its crap), measured to be around 40 grams of carbs (based on nutritional info on side, 30gms from oats, 10gms from milk). Put in a few blueberries, apple slices or banana shaves to give it some taste and for some good vitamins. You can put some greek yoghurt in there for flavour.

The proteins there for recovery, the oats are there for slow acting carbs to power you well at the start of your day, delaying the onset of hunger towards lunch (hunger triggers the body to store calories). Start the day well, end the day well…

My training principle

Theres one word I use when training clients, and thats intensity. In the hour session you’re with me, I’ll try and get adequately warmed up, then straight into either high weight or high rep training. Keep the breaks short and strict to ensure that you get the most effort in in that hour. If you’re looking for results, you need to be trained outside your comfort zone every session, and thats what will get you the results. If you’re training with me, and following my nutritional advice properly, I have the utmost faith you’ll achieve your goals!

Who uses kettlebells?

Here are just some of the people who have used or do use kettlebells:

US Navy Seal Special Ops, Russian Spetnaz Special Forces, SAS

Sylvester Stallone, Katherine Hiegly, Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Cattrall, Chris Pontius, Lance Armstrong,  Bruce Lee used them on his lats, Kim Bassinger, Matthew McConaughey.. to name a few

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Pavel Tsatsouline on Kettlebells

This is what the master himself, Pavel Tsatsouline RKC coach said about kettlebell training on Youtube. Click below..

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Kettlebell Training – Burn 1200 calories per hour!!

We always use kettlebells in our sessions. It just makes sense. Nothing burns more calories in a gym setting than kettle-bell training. Kettlebell training is said to burn up to 1200 calories per hour!! Just try achieving that on a treadmill. Not only does KB training raise metabolism, but it also builds lean muscle and increases functional strength (great for rugby/sports). See what the American College of Exercise wrote below..

Ace Fitness – Jan 2010

Welcome to the Yourfitness Personal Training blog!!!

Hello, this is the first post on our brand new blog, created to provide you with information on fitness and training, and as a resource for you to ask any questions you may have. Maybe you just want our opinion on something? Well please feel free to ask. It will give us something to do between clients!! ;)