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There is one single and undeniable fact; It’s been a crazy couple of years.. and in the wake of that we know there are people in Dublin who want to train but see it as being an insurmountable task (given what they’ve been through). You assume getting fit and healthy will be all-out war. Our 6 week program is here to turn that battle into a fun and steady process, gardually building up your training output, increasing your energy levels as you go. Our USP has always been our friendly and approachable coaches, who are all experienced freelance PT’s used to dealing with individual needs on a daily basis. They are on-hand in our group sessions to help you perform only what you can perform effectively, and to help you develop your abilities on an ongoing basis.

When you sign up, we develop, print and supply to you a 50 page achievable meal plan. This plan is filled with useful information and delicious recipes, all designed to help you reach your desired goals. To develop your goals we assess you on our very informative (and very private) Inbody scanner, using the result to build your plan, we then reassess you along the way to make sure you’re on the fast track. 

Another USP we provide is that we are the only Semi-Private training facility where everyone has their own equipment, so you follow the exact routine a personal trainer would take you on in it’s correct sequence (as opposed to starting in a different exercise to someone else). We have 12 racks and equipment sets, for a max of 12 people, all fully distanced.

You can book a trial below (€20) by requesting a position in one of our groups, this helps us avoid overcapacity so your 3 weekly workouts are guaranteed. Joining the 6 week personal challenge  works out to €11 per workout (€199 total). Weekly that works out to less than the average person spends on coffee. Give us a go for one week, and see why we’re considered the best. You have nothing to lose but body fat.

Meet Our Team

Our ever expanding team of experienced and enthusiast fit-pro’s take pride in delivering the highest level of coaching South Dublin has to offer. They will work you within your capacity, using their knowledge to help you build up your movement and capabilities at a gradual pace. 

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Spaces in the groups are limited, so below you can check on whether theres a slot in a time that works for you. . If a desired space is full we can waitlist you (there is no deposit for this). Fill out the form below and we will let you know if there is space for you to take a trial in.

Our Week Trial acts as an induction week. If you decide to join afterwards, we will have everything ready (including you) to start your 6 Week Transformation.

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