Thanks for taking part in our trial.

We hope you enjoy your experience with us, which we will try ensure run’s as smoothly as possible. With that in mind, we have created this site with the sole purpose of helping induct you into our system, and learning a bit about how we do things before you arrive down. We will explain what your first first fews days will look like, what you can expect, and how to some of our systems work. First of all, lets look at a timeline of your trial experience with us….

Follow the link to be taken to our payment portal where you will also sign up. This is necessary in orderto book your workouts on our system. The text is small, so you may need to zoom in. This page is also accessable from a laptop/desktop.


A few days before your scheduled arrival, you can expect to receive some information via whatsapp. If you’re reading this , you have more than likely just recieved this. Included in this is a very important form called your “Needs Assessment”. We need this to determine your expected training level, be aware of any injuries, and to collect information required for your Nutrition Program.



Please aim to arrive 5 to 10 minutes before your training time. This is to ensure you find parking, which is available on site. If the parking is full, you can find parking on the street. We do however ask you to wait in your car or outside until your class is scheduled to begin, in order to avoid covid risk while congregating inside. Please wear a mask into the building, up until you reach your rack. Please also use the thermal scanner inside the door, and disinfect your hands. We recommend you bring your items with you to your rack.

There is a one way system in operation, so please exit via the large doors in the main room. Please watch this video on covid safety.


Please take your first workout slow, take your time and do not do anything you feel uncomfortable doing. Our method of training is to provide achievable and safe exercises for all levels of fitness. Starting back post-lockdown, we have to make extra sure the workouts are designed with basic fundamentals. If you find something too easy or too difficult let the trainer know, as he/she is equipped with progressions and regressions, which are easier and harder versions of whats being performed. If you are a complete beginner do not be worried, as we can make this as simple as needed for you. The last 5 minutes of the workout are left to clean down the equipment used. 


Equipment used must be put back in correct position, and your area must be left in good condition. Post workout, please exit in a timely fashion to avoid crossing paths with the next group. 


We also ask for your patience on the matter of equipment. We are currently replacing equipment out on loan, which has been difficult due to Covid-19 stock shortages in the industry. We have a container of equipment held up by the shipping crisis, which is due in June 16th. Every person will have their own complete sets of Dumbbells, Plates and Kettlebells etc. Unfortunately we will just have to make what we have work for the next couple of weeks. 



The next few days you may feel some stiffness or pain, primarily in the legs. This is called DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). This is caused by training trauma to muscle, and is perfectly natural. During your first workout it is taken into consideration that you won’t push yourself too hard in order to avoid bad DOMS. 


At some stage in the first week we will ask you to jump up on the inbody (arriving a few minutes earlier). More details on the Inbody are available below.


On day 8 you will either be a member of our system, or you will not (hopefully you will though!). This all depends on whether you felt our system was a good fit or not. If you decided to join us, you chose not to opt-out, and we will then begin the development of your meal plan, which you will recieve within around 4 days.



You will be asked to jump up on the Inbody a second time (again, not mandatory), and we will assimilate the data and let you know if you are on the right track. We can tell a lot about how a person is progressing this way. We can tell your rate of building muscle to burning fat, as well as your hormonal state due to your water levels. This will all be delivered to you in an audio report with attached file.


From there we will keep ongoing support for you, until you reach your goals!

Meet The Team.

Our team of experienced trainers are here to ensure you have a fun, safe and effective experience. You can approach them with any questions or concerns you have on your training. 

Your coaches are always available for tips, but are not in charge of your nutritional programming. For questions on your nutrition program, please ask via whatsapp. 

Using the Inbody

The Inbody Machine is our tool for getting an accurate depiction of your body composition. It assesses many things, but mainly we are looking for weight of muscle mass, water mass fat mass and bodyfat %. This is extremely useful as the term “gaining or losing weight” does not tell you much. Was it muscle or body fat? It is relatively private to use, and you will directed to use it towards to start of your program. We use this measurement along with your Needs Assessment and goals to develop your Meal Plan. So basically this tells us where your body is, you tell us where you want it go, and we supply a meal plan that makes it achievable. 

Resetting Your Station.

At the end of your workout you must clean down and reset your station, leaving it as you found it (as a courtesy to the next group). Please ensure:

  1. Weights are placed back in the appropriately labeled positions
  2. Your bench is back in position
  3. Your mat and foam roller is placed back
  4. Your bar is racked with collars applied
  5. Your general area is kept clean and clear

Your Nutrition Program.

Achieving true fitness takes more than just working out. Real progress is made by knowing what to make in the kitchen, and knowing the life-hacks that help you in practically reaching your goal. Sleep, hydration, stress, caffeine, alcohol, and vast amount of other factors are detailed in our SUCCESS HANDBOOK. This is our tailored Nutrition Plan to get you on track, supplying you with a meal plan and recipes so you know exactly what to eat to maximise your chance of success.

The App and Booking In

Normally in our system, we do not lock you into specific times, or provide the flip side; offering full flexibility to only have your desired workout time “booked up”.  We pre-book you into your most desired convenient slot, to guarantee a training position. Using our app, you can cancel one of your bookings outside a 2 hour window, assigning you a credit to use in any other available slot that week. So we guarantee you security on your usual booking, but also offer full flexibility to move it. Its the perfect “zero-disappointment” system.

We cannot allow re-booking for the first couple of weeks back. When it becomes available, we will release instructions on how to use the app.

This brings us to the end of your trial information. We are looking forward to seeing you next week. Any questions please do not hesitate to make contact.

Our Week Trial acts as an induction week. If you decide to join afterwards, we will have everything ready (including you) to start your 6 Week Transformation.

Click the link to pay the €20 trial fee (on sign in page scroll down to create new profile). We will be in touch to book you in.