Underground – New timetable and Xmas schedule

New Timetable in Effect from Monday 5th December (Not including
Xmas timetable)
Mon, Wednesday, Friday  –   9.30am,  1pm,  6pm,  7pm
Tuesday, Thursday         –   6pm,  7pm
Saturday                       –  11am,   1.30pm
*This timetable is
from full effect from next Monday on, with the exception of the Christmas
I’ll ask everyone to let me
know by mail what days they hope to come, to avoid over
Classes as per new timetable
above until (and including) Friday 23rd December.
Saturday 24th December  –           No classes
Sunday 25th December    –            Ah come on now!
Monday 26th December    –          2pm,  5pm
Tuesday 27th December   –            11am, 2pm ,5pm
Wednesday 28th December –       11am, 2pm ,5pm
Thursday 29th December   –        11am, 2pm ,5pm
Friday 30th December      –           11am, 2pm ,5pm
Saturday 31st December   –           11am, 2pm, No 5pm!!!
Sunday 1st January         –              No classes
Monday 2nd January –        As per normal timetable above