Natural Supplements

Click on “Shop” above to learn about our natural Aloe based products and how they can help you cleanse your body of toxins, help you burn fat and live a fit and healthy life.

Personal Trainers Dublin

When you want results fast, you need to know exactly what to be doing to maximise results. Work with one of our Dublin based personal trainers to seriously change your body composition by developing a training and nutrition program that’s based around you and your unique physiology. Results guaranteed!

Underground Fitness Bootcamp

Get involved in a workout experience that’s like nothing you’ve every seen before. This ain’t no ordinary gym, this is the Underground Fitness Bootcamp!

Use Kettlebells, TRX, Ropes, Aquabags, Rings and much more in a series of high intensity workouts that will dramatically burn calories and seriously tone you up!

You Can Do It Too!

A word from one of our Underground Fitness Boocamp champions…

Change Your Body

Paul commited himself to the Underground Fitness Club 6 months ago and has never looked back. His hard work and dedication has lost him almost 6 stone since joining.

“I dropped the weight so fast and built some good muscle, and its all been fun. I can feel my body much stronger and fitter. It’s amazing!”  –  Paul Ainscough