The Fitness Checklist

This is the checklist for success. Dont let your training and success become undone over time. Keep your goals fresh in your head and make sure on a weekly basis that you have the following sorted:

1.  Consistent resistance training outside your comfort zone  (pain is progression). Whether its heavy weights for size or high reps for weight loss, progression is the key to a speedy metabolism.

2. Cardiovascular training. From 2-4 times a week you should get your heart rate up, annd your body sweating. This will burn your current energy stores (bodyfat)

3. A       Are you meeting your protein requirements? If not you are missing out on lean muscle!!!!!

3. B        Are  you timing your carbohydrates correctly? You need carbs!!! Time them properly (early/in around training) to makew sure they are used beneficiallly and not stored.

3. C       Are you getting enough healthy fats? Unsaturated fats are needed for metabolise your current bodyfat stores for energy (if not, you wont lose as much weight!!)

3. D      Are you getting enough Fibre? Aid digestion and keep hunger at bay with plenty of green veg, and fruits (carbs) in the morning

4.          Are you getting adequate sleep? You repair while asleep, make sure you get 7.30 hours plus a night (8.30+ for heavy lifters)

5.         Are you enjoying yourself and becoming proactive?

Keep these elemenets in mind to make sure your fitness destination becomes reachable as soon as possible!!

Switching Over

We will be changing the website quite soon, integrating the blog into it. Please be patient over the coming weeks as we switch over. The new blog will have more media and more detailed instruction, but in the mean time there may be disruptions or a lack of posts. The night is always darkest before the dawn (couldnt resist saying that). So.. keep an eye out for the new site!!!

Who you’re competing against

Fitness training, for whatever reason you’re doing it, is a competition. There is always someone who can go that extra minute or get that extra rep. In Formula 1 racing the victor is only seconds ahead from the competition in a race lasting 90 minutes. IT IS about going that little bit further.

Fitness training differs in a way though. Its not about natural talent or how long you’re in the game. When training for whatever reason, whoever you are, theres only one other person in your weight category who CAN go that extra yard, who CAN have that self control. There IS someone you have to beat.. someone you must outrun and overcome.. but first you must realise that person is yourself.

You CAN do it!!!…  I believe you can do it..  its just a matter of whether YOU believe it or not

Xpose Live in the RDS

Hey guys, if you get an opportunity pop down and see us at the Xpose Live show in the RDS from the 19th to 21st of November. We’ll be there doing fitness talks and promoting our new Kettleburn system. It’ll be a fun day out with plenty to see, including my sister who’ll be there for her business Crystals and Co. :)