Kieran Underground Testimonial Before and After

Kieran Murphy was good enough to give us a quick testimonial on 2 occasions, highlighting his progress and fantastic goals through the Underground Fitness System. Great work Kieran, mucho appreciated!



An Ode to the First Year of the Underground


Stellar Christmas Look Exercise List

A list Of the Exercises in the November Issue of Stellar.

If you want to single out a look or body part, perform those exercises for 4 sets, 20 repititions each


For maximal fat burning, perform a circuit:

Do eacjh exercise in order for 20 reps each (no rest between), then take a minute break, and repeat the process

Do this for a total of 2-4 times.

Happy Christmas Look!

Kilimanjaro High Intensity Exercise

High Intensity Circuit. To be done when you cant make it to training. I’ll put more up in time. Its a bit rushed, only had a few minutes before I had someone. Heres the workout:

Jogging on the spot   – 1 min
Burpees    x   10
Push-ups  x   20

20 Seconds REST

Jogging on the spot   – 1 min
Mountain Climbers     x  100
Squats    x  20

20 seconds REST

Jogging on the spot   – 1 min
Jump Squats    x  10
Plank      –  1 min

20 Seconds REST  –   AND REPEAT!!!!

Do this for a total of 5 sets….

Be sure to stretch before and after (stretching video on blog)



Simple and Effective Full Body Stretching

A sample of a short stretching routine you can do anywhere. It will help elongate most major muscle groups in the body. Be sure to relax and breathe into the stretch, and hold each one for about 15-20 seconds


Yourfitness @ Xpose Xmas Xperience 2010

Yourfitness hosted a Masterclass at the Xpose Xmas Xperience on the 22nd of Novmeber 2010. The mastrerclass was intructed by Patrick Mackeogh and Cormac Keating. The talk was centred around proper daily nutrition and an intorduction to kettlebell training.

Home Circuit 1

Instructions in video. Perform 3-5 circuits as directed by instructor.

Gero doing Atomic push ups

Client Daragh Geraghty doing Atomic Pushups on the TRX as part of  the “Ripped Fast Program”. He’s using dumbbells to get deeper into the push-up, developing more of his chest. The combined effort of the knee tucks works his core for a full body moovement.

Floor Circuit (No Equipment) – Sinead

This is a small circuit I put together for Sinead while away in Abu Dhabi. Its a bit rushed as I tried to get it done and up asap for Sinead before a busy evenings training.

Floor Circuit

 Perform 3/4 times with 1 minute rest between:   (Beginner/Inter/Advanced)

Jogging on spot/ skipping/ treadmill  (30s/45s/60s)
   –  Push-ups (10/20/Max)
Jogging on spot/ skipping/ treadmill  (30s/45s/60s)  
   –  Lunges (10/20/Max)
Jogging on spot/ skipping/ treadmill  (30s/45s/60s)
  –  Crunches (10/20/Max)
Jogging on spot/ skipping/ treadmill  (30s/45s/60s)
  –  Floor Inverted Push-ups (10/20/Max)
Jogging on spot/ skipping/ treadmill  (30s/45s/60s)
  –  Plank (30s/45s/60s)
Jogging on spot/ skipping/ treadmill  (30s/45s/60s)

1 min rest … Repeat again 2/3 times (change intensity if fatigued)

good stretch afterwards holding for 15 seconds each.