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Hey Ladies… want to look like this?…

muscle woman
Well… TOUGH!…. you can’t!

Well… not unless you’re pumping male androgenic hormones and steroids into yourself that is. Serious mass in women can take years to achieve naturally and requires alot of HEAVY weight training. Basically you’ll see the mass coming from years away as you lift weights heavier that you are!

Unless you have been lifting for years ladies the weights that you now see as “really heavy” are still not heavy enough to “get big”. These are the weights you need to be tackling to maximise fat burning and development of lean muscle, which, will be small and tight. A toned appearance is the development of muscle, which in women almost doesn’t appear to expand, but tighten.

Moral of the story is, fail to tackle the heavier weights and start progressing; don’t expect for your new tight body to be that “hard”.

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