Jade Teta (MetabolicEffect.com) – A Word on Planning

Heres a great word from Jade Teta, one of the authors of MetabolicEffect, the nutrtion system we’re trained in. The Metabolic Diet follows this system. It is aty the cutting edge of exercise science in the USA.

“The entire weight loss industry is filled with plans. The “stay away from grains plan”, the “paleo plan”, the “fasting plan”, the “low fat plan”, the “low carb plan”, Atkin’s, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig…….these are all plans. And this feeds right into our desire as humans for certainty (certainty is one of the most powerful psychological needs of the human brain). But, 66% of people who follow weight loss “plans” end up fatter 2 years later than before they started the plan. Surprisingly, the plan you choose has little impact on improving your chance for success. :-(
If you want to lose fat for a period of time and then gain it back again, then follow a plan. If you want to discover how to burn fat and keep it off for good, learn the process. If a plan happened to work for someone you know it is because they followed a process of making that plan fit their life.
To become an expert in anything it takes about 10,000 hours of study, experience and effort immersed in the process. Body change is no different. As long as you continue looking for the “right plan” you are playing the weight loss game and are far less likely to succeed. Fat loss is a process not a plan. Learn it, practice it and you will realize sustained fat loss.”

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