Fat Storing hormones!! Cortisol (Bad!) and Leptin (Good!)

Quite important in bodyfat regulation is hormonal balance. The main main hormones effecting this balance are Cortisol and Leptin.

Cortisol is a hormone released by the body in times of emotional, physical or mental stress. Cortisol effects by the body by super-charging your cravings for sugary or high fat foods. It is also responsible for the increased storage of bodyfat, especially around the stomach. Your body releases Cortisol to get the energy needed to handle this new stress. So stress tells your brain to eat fast acting energy foods (bad foods!)

Leptin is the hormone your body produces that gives you the feeling of satiatey, or “feeling full”. Cortisol however reduces your bodies release of this hormone, making you eat more.

There are methods to rduce your bodies production of cortisol, and they are relating to lowering the amount of stress you endure. This does not just equate to buying stress ball at work. Physical stress can be reduced by getting more sleep. Over-training (see below) puts the body under alot of stress, releasing alot of cortisol,actually counter-acting weight loss! Eating smaller meals more frequently (see just below) can enduce less stress on your digestive system. Another strategy is eating more water rich alkaline foods, alist of which to have/avoid I found on the internet

Eat Freely:   http://www.natural-weight-loss-myths-revealed.com/alkaline-foods-eat-freely.html

Eat moderately: 


Eat Sparingly:*  http://www.natural-weight-loss-myths-revealed.com/acid-foods.html

*You may note meats/poultry are stated to eat sparingly, but I tell you to eat lots of protein. Although its not pH balanced, the thermogenic and beneficial properties of protein greatly outweigh this negative. Ofcourse, too much of anything is bad, which is why I have given you a set protein limit in your nutrient requirement (clients). Most peole will find this high anyway, so there is little worry of over-loading.

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