Green Veg, Natures Cardboard Box

When attempting to keep calorie intake down there is always one complication that will throw a spanner in your motivation, metabolism and all-round progress.. HUNGER.

As stated in the next Post (above), going a long time without food (hunger) or very small meals can cause stress on the body, releasing cortisol (more above). So fill your stomach with fibre in the form of green veg, which holds the least calories per gram of fiber consumed. Thinks of green veg as being like cardboard, passing through your system giving your stomach something to do, staving off hunger and with it the release of cortisol. This keeps your metabolism strong (and green veg supplies nutrients, esp. Brocolli!). Cucumber, Brocolli and Celery being the best, although all calories in most green veg in moderate quantities can be considered negligible.

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