Cyclical Ketogenic Diet – Recommended Intake

Heres how intake is determined during the CKD. Your muscular actions run off carbohydrates, theres no other way. Muscle Glycogen powers muscular contraction, and glycogen is derived from carbs. So you cannot expect to train with intensity (same weight)
over a long period with no carb intake. As you train a specific bodypart you deplete its glycogen, so after 1 week most muscles should be depleted. This is where the “carb-up” comes in..

For 1 night and 1 day you load up on carbs to fully replace all the carbohydrates you have lost during the week. I will prescribe you the rough amount of carbs needed to fill your muscle glycogen. As these carbs
will be needed more importantly for muscle recovery, you will still need some fats for energy. As your carb intake will be high you will need less fat to maintain appetite, so can actually keep burning fat during
your carb up day :)

Preferably your 1st carb night would be after training your last session of the week. So for most people heading out on a friday night after a good carb dinner would be preferable, or else train your last day on
Saturday and follow suit. It is also recommended to have some fruit before your last training session to prepare your body for the glycogen synthesis.

I will also work out the recommended dosage for protein and fat for weekdays. So please let me know if you are interested in the diet so I can work on writing up your intake requirements.

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