Is Rehydrating good for you?


No, not the way we do it. The idea is to NOT BECOME dehydrated. If you’ve become dehydrated you can’t just undo any damage by lashing down the fluids, harm has been done to your system, your ability to recover, and your hormonal equilibrium.

Re hydrating is of course necessary to not be dehydrated, but how we do it is usually incorrect and sometimes harmful. Large amounts of water at the same time can dilute your stomach acids, making it harder to break down your foods (hindering digestion). This is especially true for those of us who drink a big glass of water with every meal.

Try to rehydrate slowly, small sips and not based completely around your meals. A little bit of lemon juice can help your body’s absorption, but really the idea is to not become dehydrated in the first place. So have a few sips of water after every alcoholic drink, and sip on water through sweat inducing training.


If you feel dry, sluggish, or headachey, it’s a bad sign

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