What motivates you to train?


I could be with a 100 people training every day and that’s what sometimes eludes me. How are you getting on? Any exercises causing issues? These are common enough questions, but what’s actually driving you to get into your car, come down, and work your a** off?

I am hoping that for many people it starts with the obvious, looking better! But then it turns into something way more beneficial to us, and that’s a sense of achievement, to become stronger and better each time.

I’m not sure if I will ever really care how fast my car can go, its just a car. I’m more concerned with how fast I can go, how long I’ll live, how I can take a stairs without getting out of breathe. The only thing that cannot be taken from you is your body. Yes it can be damaged and you can lose parts, but strengthening it will reduce that risk. This is what’s important to me, that and I just love pumping sweat and the feeling of a good workout.This organic machine is the only thing that’s actually yours, everything else is just traded and borrowed. I have no interest in being the guy who finds it hard to get out of his Lamborghini because he’s been enjoying the “high life” so much.

Treat your body likes it the one thing you own. Because it is officially now and always will be yours.

This thought and the desire to be fitter motivates me, if you have something that gets you up in the morning, maybe its playing with your kids, overcoming and injury, anything!

Post below and share what gives you the drive…

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