When I tell people what I do (Personal Training..) they always assume my job is to stop people from over-eating as I run them into the ground…

But its actually the exact opposite.

(First I’d like to point out this ISN’T directed at one person – I say this because more than half of my clients will think I’m referencing them!)

Most of my training clients come to me because they are stuck, not because they are lazy, they are motivated by their own drive for being better.Most have been already dieting and will pretty much stick to whatever I say.

The biggest hurdle I face with peoples nutrition is in breaking through that corporately profitable mentality that eating less and working out more is the solution. That wrongful idea keeps people buying bogus products, spending on fads (not one works long term!.. not one!) and yoyo-ing in weight.

A strong metabolism needs energy… clean, varied, natural energy, and lots of it. If you want to burn body fat, EAT LOTS of the right thing. If you want to build lean muscle… EAT EVEN MORE of the right thing. Its that simple.

I tell my people what type of things to eat:

Lots of fish, lots of meat, lots of varied veggies and fruits, healthy fats.

… and they do eat it because I tell them to. But they over-look something. LOTS OF!!!!! And they are also training way too much, out-putting way too many calories for what they’re taking in.

When I do a diet log I usually calculate people are taking in around 800-1200 calories of these good foods, because they still resort to smaller “dieting” portions. You are not “dieting”, you are eating like an absolute animal. You’re metabolism is super-charged. You should be getting hungry if you haven’t eaten in 3-4 hours like an V* engine guzzling diesel. You shouldn’t be “stuffed” after a chicken breast, that’s a sign you’re metabolisms locked down.

The surprising thing is that when I raise people intakes of proteins or healthy fats (good for building calories) eventually they start to get hungrier, and ALAS, the results start to show. But how in Gods name did they lose weight after eating much more?

Because they’ve activated their metabolism! They are now free to ride the powerful train more muscle, a leaner tighter stomach, and a more improved sate of physical well-being!

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