Kilimanjaro High Intensity Exercise

High Intensity Circuit. To be done when you cant make it to training. I’ll put more up in time. Its a bit rushed, only had a few minutes before I had someone. Heres the workout:

Jogging on the spot   – 1 min
Burpees    x   10
Push-ups  x   20

20 Seconds REST

Jogging on the spot   – 1 min
Mountain Climbers     x  100
Squats    x  20

20 seconds REST

Jogging on the spot   – 1 min
Jump Squats    x  10
Plank      –  1 min

20 Seconds REST  –   AND REPEAT!!!!

Do this for a total of 5 sets….

Be sure to stretch before and after (stretching video on blog)



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