The power of Anti-oxidants

 Oxygen (not the concert), with a combination of water is responsible for life on earth. However oxygen also plays a role in breaking down cells and substances. Rust on metal is due to oxidative stress. Its what turns a banana black (which shouldnt be eaten FYI). All life on earth is subject to oxidative stress. As oxygen breaks down cells in our bodies it produces free radicals, toxic by-products that are responsible for fatigue, disease and cancer. Anti-oxidants ofset the chemical reaction that produce free radicals, keeping the body clean and safe. A hangover is felt due to dehydration mixed with an abundance of free radicals in our system, which is why it is recommended people “de-tox” after wild drinking holidays (or Oxigen – the concert this time). It is said that if a human were not exposed to oxidative stress, they would live long beyond a normal human life-span!

Anti-oxidants can be found in berries, fruits and vegetables, and all foods really. Berries, cocoa and spinach are 3 foods that contain high levels of antioxidants. Antioxidants can also be bought as supplements from health food stores.

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