Cyclical Ketogenic Diet

This diet is for anyone whos primary goal is to drop bodyfat. The CKD is an adaption of the Ketogenic Diet to minimize muscle atrophy (breakdown of muscle), which will happen if you arent eating the right calories at the right time, in order to support muscle hypertrophy (muscle gain, rep range 8-15). Muscular actions (anaerobic) are run off carbohydrates, never fats. So to perform resistance training you must have carbs in your muscles. If you were to follow the standard Ketogenic Diet (Atkins etc), you’re muscles would break down and you would lose your faced paced metabolism (very bad news).

With the CKD, you eat no carbs during the week, and only train each muscle once so to only deplete the glycogen (carbs) in your muscles once. If you trained your legs, and had no carbs before your next session, it would not go very well at all. You would lose your ability to perform heavy lifts, and your body would no longer see your muslces as necessary, so they break down to better utilize the protein fibers their made up off.  The idea then is to only train the muscles once, then load up on carbohydrates for 1 day of the week. This way if you only use each muscle intensely once a week, you are getting a carb refill between each session (think of it as refuelling each individual muscle on this day before you train it again, as opposed to the anabolic window I talk about in the diet guide, where you refuel the muscle just worked directly after its trained).

This way you can drop bodyfat during the week by being in Ketosis (read previous post), but you can restock on carbs to keep your training sessions powered, keeping your metabolism dstrong (everyone wins!). On request I will make up an new dietary intake recommending your nutrient quantities during on/off days.

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