Training while Im away

Here is a list of links to exercises to do in place of our sessions, while Im away for the long weekend. Compared to the sessions we have in studio, we are looking to maintain muscle mass as opposed to really pushing forward. The idea is to follow the same rep range I have you doing in gym. If you are at home and dont have weight, then just do reps to burn. I know some of you have access to a gym while others do not. The main focus should be on short rest periods (30 seconds to 1 minute), and you should also do some form of cardiovascular training (jogging, fast walking). Check below for “interval training” for a good idea of how to exercise efficiently. Dont do any exercises you are not comfortable with, there are alternatives on the link site. Any major questions I am on roaming.

Upper Body –  In Gym

Chest – Dumbell presses  

Chest – Dumbell Flyes      

Back  –  Cable Row              

Back  –  Lat Pulldown        

Shoulders   –  Press            

Shoulders   – Upright Row

Upper Body – At home


Arm circles


Chin ups  

Lower Body – In gym

Leg Press         

Hamstring curl


Dumbell Squat    

Lower Body – At Home

Sit squats                  (No link, but it is simply sitting down to complete rest, then initialising stand up from glutes (no help from hands!))

Lunges                       (as above but without weights)

Squats                        (as above but grab anything heavy around the house)

Steps                           (up and down stairs till you cant feel your legs)

Abs (in gym and home)


Scissor Kicks

Oblique Crunch

Back extension

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