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It Begins!…


I’ll be performing a 6 week training and nutrition plan thats just as much for you as for me. Well not a plan really, Im just going to make it up as I go along. So I’ll give you details on everything I do and why, and my trai…ning regime as it unfolds. Im about 13% bodyfat at the moment, and the aim is 7-8% in 6 weeks. I’ll show you how I controlled my inflammation to maximise fat burning and muscle building potential, the foods I ate and some of the key strategies that helped along the way.

This is me at my most fudge. Since November, 13 hours days and lots of time on the laptop have resulted in a high jellies diet. I train 2-3 Underground workouts a week when I can fit it in, which keeps me at roughly 12-13% bodyfat. My metabolism is strong so I do maintain shape, but my diet has been seriously lacking recently (partially because I know I’ll be doing this plan). The workouts can do little more than maintain yiur body shape, nutrition changes it. Its reassuring to know that you’ll maintain good shape even with a bad diet when you get into it. My sugar intake has been purposely high, which is why i attached the pic of my handles (your primary sugar storage site) Like most people work in a series of waves. But Im not unfit or consider myself unhealthy.This is purely aesthetics thing to let you know how a PT might do it themselves and their level of commitment (be it good or bad)

People ask me all the time what do I do when its time to trim, so now I’ll show them exactly.
Tomorrow I’ll bring you through a basic days nutrition and supplementation.
Any questions just throw them at me.

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