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A lot about my trip to Manchester has been based around appropriate hormonal regulation in controlling your inflammation, and its link to elevated Cortisol (stress) levels in our modern society.

Inflammation hinders fat loss, support fat gain, makes you catabolic (breaks down muscle), supports growth of cancer cells, lowers testosterone levels, causes bloating, muscle soreness and tightness, it inhibits muscle recovery and physical performance. So across the board its pretty important to not only your physical appearance but your general longevity. Whether you are training and actively trying to reduce bodyfat or not, reducing inflammation will give you a longer and healthier life. Stat!

Some quick methods for reducing inflammation are eating higher volumes of protein, taking in a lot of alkalising (neutralising) veggies, eating lower amounts of carbohydrates (than the modern norm) and sticking to low glycaemic foods only (berries/apples are great), avoiding starchy carbs (spuds etc), getting enough sleep and relaxation, avoiding over training (by getting adequate rest), supplementing vitamin C and Magnesium….

… And ESPECIALLY…. FISH OILS!!! They are the gods of the anti-inflammatories! There importance to just about everything is becoming HEAVILY supported and proven by consistent research. GET THEM! Look for good DHA/EPA content on the bottle. Aim for 1gm of EPA/DHA per day.

I’ll be putting up a more in depth program in time, including more everyday tips you can use to reduce inflammation.

Lets keep that blood acidity at an even keel people, and lowered bodyfat, healthy heart/skin/bones/tissue/sight/flexibility/muscle growth/cell generation/reproductive health/libido/Gastro-intestinal processes/training recovery/immune response/insulin sensitivity/craving regulation to name a few will be your rewards!

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