Anabolic Post Training Milkshake

*Protein powder required for use.

A great idea for a fun and nutritious snack is to have a beneficial post training shake. If you look at the post below (search: Anabolic window) you’ll know that your body has a desire for insulin after you train, which drops exponentially within the following 3 hours. The insulin which is a storage and building hormone delivers much needed nutrients to the trained muscles.

So the idea is to supply the nutrients to raise insulin (sugars – banana) and also supply the nutrients needed for muscle recovery (protein – protein powder).  This combination is a great “toner”, as it allows for muscle building while facilitating back to fat burning not too long after.


Post Training shake

– 100ml Full Fat Milk (contains CLA for fat burning)

– 1 Banana (high GI sugars for insulin increase)

– 1 1/2 scoops of protein powder (amino’s for muscle recovery – choc works best)

– 1 tbls peanut butter (healthy fats for joint recovery)

– A few ice cubes

– Additional water to desired consistency


Blend the mix adding water to your desired consistency. You’re left with a delicious shake you can have after every training session. Yum yum for a flat tum! This is actually good for you at this stage. Simply reduce the milk if you are lactose intolerent or susceptable to allergens.




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