Your engine Needs Oil

I just wanted to write a few words on the Metabolic Diet we do here and hopefully help people get a good understanding of why we’re doing it. There is a general idea out there that to lose weight you need to perform a lot of exercise while at the same time eating much less food. That is in energy terms (calories), to greatly increase output while severely limiting input. This method is flawed and highly counterproductive.

The more stress you put on your muscles and central nervous system the more rest you will need, and the more nutrition your body will require to rebuild stronger. I recently heard a great analogy that doing it the other way (eating less while exercising a lot more) is like revving the engine of your car while the engine oil light is on. You’re running low on maintenance which come from good nutrient intake, so pushing your body to extremes in this period is just going to do damage. The damage is similar becuase we are feectively organic engines, and our over-heating is inflammation (which is stressful on the body). This stress releases cortisol which burns muscle tissue. It is for this reason we recommend no more than 3-4 classes per week, as the high intensity nature of the workouts, if done too much, is similar to over-revving.

Keep yourself adequately fed; just be sure to intake the most beneficial nutrients to your body. Keep your engine oil topped up with good protein and fibre, and be sure to stay satiated throughout the day.

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