Putting on 8kg, and my new training program…

One things for certain, and I wont hide it… I love food, I have a sweet tooth, and I can eat more than any other man on this earth! I just have a naturally very large stomach, I find it very difficult to feel full.

So, after a couple of months hard training I ate what I wanted for about 3 weeks. My diet consisted of scones, chocolate, bread, absolutely everything I’d tell people not to eat. A regualr occurance for me was about 4 bowls of muesli in the late evening, and thats not including my 5 meals a day.

Why did I do this? Well, there were a few reasons, I didnt just lose control. I wanted to see how much weight I would put on in those few weeks, and show people how quickly I could drop it off. It also gave me a feeding point between diets, becaus eIm back on the healthy eating buzz now. It also gave my body an opportunity to fully recover, and then some.

In 3 weeks I went from a lean 8% bodyfat and 87kg, to a less lean 12% bodyfat and 95kgs!! Thats 8kgs in 3 weeks. It must be noted that i was training especially hard towards the end of my last diet, so when I did eventually pile on the food, I put on a good amount of muscle with the additional carbohydrates, and alot of the additional weight was also water.

So I have a 10 week training program in mind, to lose 7% bodyfat to be 5%. I’ll keep you posted…

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