UNDERGROUND – Techniques For Size or Fat Burning Preference

Watch the video first.

Its a good idea for me to put in writing so I can edit for easier understanding.

The class is designed to generally improve performance. You will always be stimulating muscle as its a resistance based class, but its a circuit so you’ll always be shredding through. Its a toning class, which means its designed to maximise both. Saying that there are techniques you can use to tip the scales generally (and literally) towards muscle building, or pure fat loss. Look below for your BMR calculator which you’ll need to detremine calorie intake, which has a great bearing on either muscle building or fat loss. REMEMBER, the class will always do both, this is just to prefence one over the other.

Exercise Adaptions For Fat Loss.

The idea here is to stimulate the cardiovascular and aerobic  system (heart/lungs) as much as possible. To maximise heart rate, consistent movement is required. If it takes you 20 seconds to get from exercise to exercise your heart rate will slow down a little reducing fat burning. What you must do is find an exercise weight/difficulty/level (beginner/advanced) that you can maintain the full 40-50 seconds.This resembles the consistent movement like on a treadmill/crosstrainer, except you’ll be burning more calories as its much more intense. You want the feeling of extreme heat, and lots of sweat. Bodyfat is melted into the bloodstream and given off as heat, this is how you maximise calorie burning, by becoming as hot as possible.

Nutrition For Fat Loss

Here, you need a calorie defecit. You will not lose weight on a scales if you eat more calories than you burn. You will burn fat, but you are giving yourself a nutrient surplus that will build muscle, which being heavier than fat will make you heavier (although looking better). Exercising as above will always stimulate muscle, so if you reduce your calorie intake moderately (500 – 1000 calorie/day defecit), you will burn lots of fat without losing muscle. Note that reducing calories beyond a 1000 calorie a day defecit will result in your body switching to drought mode, which halts fat burning, eats muscle and fatigues you. AVOID THIS AT ALL COSTS!!! I see it all the time, people diet too hard and dont get the results, their metabolism slows down and they wreck their chances of great results. Dont go beyond 1000 calories a day defecit! This will give a rough 2lb a week bodyfat drop, which is fantastic, and probably the most your body will allow you to do.

Execising For Muscle Gain

Here consistency falls second to the weight you are using. You are looking to stimulate muscle by using heavy weights, or advanced exercises you can only do a few of before needing rest. Go for the heavy kettlebells/heavy tyres/ leaning back alot on the TRX row etc. The harder it is to do a few times the better.

Nutrition For Muscle Gain

This is where its important. Your body will find it hard to build muscle under maintanence calories (how many calories you burn in a day). Give yourself a 500 calorie surplus of good lean meats and good carbs based around your workouts, and you’ll build lean muscle. You’ll be unlikely to put on additional body fat at this rate due to the style of the workout.

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