Typical 1200 cal Low Carb Meal Plan

Alot of people are getting a recommended intake around the 1200 calorie/day mark, so I have set out an exact plan of a typical days nutrition.

Breakfast  (300 calories)

  • Porridge Oats (30gms) + 1/2 Skimmed Milk (80ml)+ 1/2 Water                  —   19gms Carbs  , 140 cals
  • Protein Shake (30gms) or Seasoned chicken breast pieces  (50gms)          —   15-25gms Protein  , 80-100 cals
  • Milled Flaxseed (12g – in/out of porridge)                                                              —   5gms healthy fats, 60 cals

Snack  (200 cals)

  • Handful of mixed nuts (20gms)                                                                                    —  10gms of healthy fats, 100 cals
  • Chicken/Turkey slices (100gms) or Protein Shake (30gms)                            —  20 – 25gms Protein, 100 cals

Lunch  (250 cals)

  • Slice of Rye Bread (32gms)                                                                                             — 15 gms Carbs, 80 cals
  • Smoked Salmon (85gms) + Light Cottage Cheese  (100gms) + Lemon juice   —  30gms Protein, 5gms fat,  170 cals

Dinner  (300 cals)

  • Turkey Breast/ Lean Beef  (150gms) + Steamed Veg with Benecol spread/garlic  —  35 gms Protein, 10 gms healthy fat, 300 cals

Late Snack  (150 cals) 

 60-90 minutes before bed (not to be had if dinner was late)

  • Seasoned Chicken pieces (120 gms) / Protein Shake/ Casein Shake (40gms)          —-  35gms Protein


Notice there is protein in every meal. Likewsise if you feel a need to snack, it should be on protein rich foods like eggs or lean meats. The average female exerciser will be burning atleast 2200 calories/day. Sticking to a diet like this while training will lose you between 2-3 lbs of bodyfat a week depending on training intensity and genetics. If you are offsetting 1000 calories a day, that equals 2lbs of fat in 7 days (1lb of fat = 3500 cals)

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