The Perfect Breakfast For Muscle

Wake up and straight off the mark get a 30gram serving of whey Protein into you. A lack of nutrients during sleep leaves your muscles aching and crying for protein. A quickly digestable liquid whey shake gets to your muscles to boost recovery quickly, so is best taken about 10 minutes before your carbs (which will slow down the absorption process.

Then a bowl of oats in the form of muesli or porridge with low fat milk (not soy milk, its crap), measured to be around 40 grams of carbs (based on nutritional info on side, 30gms from oats, 10gms from milk). Put in a few blueberries, apple slices or banana shaves to give it some taste and for some good vitamins. You can put some greek yoghurt in there for flavour.

The proteins there for recovery, the oats are there for slow acting carbs to power you well at the start of your day, delaying the onset of hunger towards lunch (hunger triggers the body to store calories). Start the day well, end the day well…

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