The Metabolic Energy Diet

I would highly recommend this meal plan with 3 Underground Classes a week.

I will be releasing a new diet to class members in the coming weeks. This diet was created primarily to kick start the metabolisms of those who may have been dieting a bit too hard, and had their metabolism slow down. Saying this, this is the prefect nutritional plan for anyone. It has the following benefits

–  Burns Fat while building metabolism       –  Doesn’t plateau

–  Elimintaes hunger and cravings                 –  Aids sleep and healthy function

–  Cleanses the gut and removes toxins       –  Eat lots of food

–  No calorie counting or small plates.

What you’re eating and why

The bulk of your plate will be fish, lean meats and cruciferous greens (broccoli, cabbage, spinach). It doesn’t sound great but you can flavour it up, and the beauty of it is you can eat as much as you want. You can then take in other foods, as long as you’ve filled with those main three.

This will trick your body into thinking you are eating vast amounts of food (and you will be), but you won’t be taking in vast amounts of calories. A lot of protein will be consumed to spur muscle growth, but a large amount will be fibre. Your body will keep revving while your stomach is full, but there will still be a calorie shortage. With your energy still running strong your hormones will be in a state of fat burning, which is where all this excess energy will come from.

Remember that when starving yourself or eating the wrong foods, your metabolism will drop. That’s why you plateau and lose progress. With this diet your metabolism stays strong, so you really can lose a significant amount of weight with it.


Body Composition

With this diet, you get your hormones working for. This can almost seem like you are changing on a genetic level.

Let’s take an overweight person with a round frame. If they simply reduced calories their bodies would pull fat from everywhere, until finally their metabolism would slow down. They would be left with the same shape, and their progress would halt.

With this metabolic plan, the same person would finally switch on their hormones to work on their behalf (the fact that they were overweight was likely because hormones were working against them). Properly balancing hormones can help strip fat from problem areas, essentially changing this person over all shape. They’ll finally have the shape and metabolism they thought was beyond their reach.


I will be handing out the diet in the classes, so be sure to pick one up. If you don’t want to follow one yet don’t worry. I can print for anyone who wants it in time. This is not one to miss though, the old form of dieting is dead and buried, this is what will give you the consistent results you’re after.

Best of luck, Im here to answer any questions you may have.

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