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Reduce your energy wastage!

No, I’m not talking about having Paul O’Connell floating around your house turning off the lights, I am talking about the needless energy expenditure that’s draining your body of precious recovery time.

What am I talking about here? Almost everything, but some things are more of a hindrance than others. In a perfect world, we would train, be active, eat perfectly clean and get 8 hours sleep. Besides eating, sleeping, water and air, everything else in the world is holding back your training. Even training itself is holding back your training (in a way..), because it is something you have to recover from.

Eating, sleeping, food (clean), water and air are the only things that recover you, everything else (including training) effects this recovery. Of course training is beneficial, but you need to be able to recover form it effectively to grow stronger. The actual process of training is weakening your body.

So there is one thing we want to add to the water, air etc list, and that is “training we can recover from”. So it makes sense that reducing all the other negatives will increase your likelihood of recovering effectively and getting stronger. Cutting down on pollutions, chemicals, stresses, chronic strains, staying up late etc etc etc promotes faster recovery.

I suppose the main point I am trying to get at is in combatting illness, a serious negative on your system. Like an app running in the background draining power, an infection or an illness is something your body is pooling its resources to try and combat, when your immune system should be quickly dispelling toxins in the air and promoting quick muscle recovery. If you have an infection anywhere on your body, get it sorted. If you have gum disease, get it sorted. They are just hotbeds for toxins adding strain to your system, and ultimately effecting your gains in the gym.

Eat clean, live clean, stay healthy. Simple as.

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Rip Tip of The Day..

Rip Tip Of The Day…

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Most people will naturally think of their dinner as their biggest meal, and it has been show that Irish people can consume anything up to 80% of their calories for dinner.

Your biggest meals should be at the start of the day, when your metabolism needs to boost and your body is screaming out for nutrients. A smaller dinner also allows for less digestion during your earliest sleep hours, leading to increased detoxification and recovery at night. Of course you will wake up hungrier, but guess what… you’ll be having a massive breakfast!

A 40% breakfast, 40% lunch and 20% dinner (not including snacks) is the best rule to follow. Aim for protein and fibre in as many of your meals as possible. You’ll start to feel more energised through the day.

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