Is Sleep Murdering Your Gains


A study has shown that getting consistently less than 7 hours sleep per hour can be associated with diabetes, cardiovascular issues, depression, memory issues and can inhibit the good done by exercise*. (*

A big issue with sleep deprivation is light. That could be light from a mobile or pad device, a tv, or an unnatural light shining into your room while sleeping. Basically, and light toiuching your skin in the late evening and especially while asleep supresses the release of melatonin which is important for your sleep/wake cycle.

Supressing melatonin has been linked to a lot of negatives, even cancer!

So what can we do? Try to keep things dim at night, maybe refrain from using your mobile phone in bed (or if you do reduce the brightness all the way), and try to sleep in a pitch black room. Your sleep will be more effective, and it will help you raise better and keep your metabolism humming!

Happy sleeping!


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