Restaurant Rules

The most apparent thing to remember is that a chef doesnt care about your waistline.. whatsoever.  His main objective is to satisfy your tastebuds.

Unfortunately this is done with generous helpings of cream, fats, salt and sugars (the bad stuff). Here are some rules when ordering out:

1.  Eat some green veg an hour before dinner (Raw brocolli, anything, just endure the taste!) You dont want to be too hungry when your meal arrives. Hunger releases the fat storing hormone Cortisol.

2.  Although most things will be bad in some way, stay away from the obvious (these will just be OTT bad)

3.  Stay away from things likely to be made with cream, including soups and creamy dishes like carbonara. As a general rule, the less thick the sauce the better.

4.  A salad as a starter (no sauce) is a good way to get your metabolism fired before your main course. Its a low calorie option too.

5. Order meat, its the only way to get your protein. Remove visible fat!! Ducks not a great option because of its high non visible fat content.

6.  As a side get steamed veg if possible. There’ll be more than enough taste in the mains sauce. A blob of mash is a lot of unnecessary carbs!!

7. Dessert is a high surge of bad calories when you are already over-full. All will be stored as body-fat. DO NOT GET DESSERT!!!!

Follow these simple rules and save yourself around 1500 calories!! I promise you aswell you will be more satisfied knowing you did it right! :)

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