Reconditioning – For those who want everything and nothing

Welcome to the middle ground.

Best for those who want to improve over-all shape. This is the plan most suitable for those of you who aren’t bothered with a plan. The Underground System in its simplest form is a conditioning class, which will affect your body in different ways based on your nutritional intake. If you find you have been following a pattern of eating that has not been effecting your weight, then tackling the class in no particular fashion (neither essentially heavy or fast) will recondition.

Your diet, as long as you are getting adequate protein and staying away from the bad stuff, will maintain the support and construction of muscle mass. The workout itself will work to burn off unnecessary body fat. The result could be seen as losing 2lbs of fat, and building 1lb of muscle. A great achievement that only looks like 1lb lost on the scales. But you know better than that. ;)

Reconditioning is the ultimate plan to work on until you decide to lean your training in a single direction, muscle building or fat burning.

The Workouts we design are balanced in the fact that it’s a mix of cardio and strength movements. It’s called cross functional training. So lift heavy in your strength, and go strong in your cardio, not sacrificing one for better achievement in the other.

Tackle each exercise individually, and never look or alter your exercise to what’s coming next. This is the Reconditioning code, a blueprint for a more powerful, athletic and lean you.

The Reconditioning principle. Hit it hard, hit it fast, don’t think what’s ahead, but never look back!

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