A Personal Trainers Fat Burning Diet.


A great example for Personal Trainings Clients to see how we do it.

Not by any means perfect, but the strategy for fat lean and lean muscle support are there. I kept to my goal of 1% a week this week (haven eaten the following). This is a busy weeks eating, with realistic strategies and issues to overcome.

Pink indicates a training day and green a non training day (or low intensity cardio). The blue numbers are there to reference what Ive done at certain points.

 – Overview

You can see I have gone for high protein and high fiber in my main meals, and tried to keep my snacks to the same or containing more fats to supplement in energy. My carbs have been controlled (for the most part) to daytime amd in and around training. You can see much less carb intake on non training days as my energy requirements are not as great. You can also notice more fat intake where I’ve dropped carbs.

Now I’ll go through the blue numbered points and offer am explaination (and in some places excuses!)


I was up early so its a rush meal. Cream in my coffee slows down the caffeine effect providing a more consistent energy to wake me up naturally, and cortisol is higher in the morning and fast acting caffeine can raise your cortisol levels higher (you want to lower your cortisol as the day begins). The protein shake is not ideal because whey protein is fast acting, but I was in a rush (so this protein source is better than nothing). The handful of blueberries atleast would slow down the release of the whey.


I dont have a pre-training snack when I eat a meal up to 2 hours before hand. When I dont eat within maybe 3 hours before hand I’ll have a protein shake. This didnt happen this week so its not in the example.


Where you see facebook look back through the timeline to the date mentioned to see the post with the recipe.


When not hungry before bed… dont eat and get into bed! This is a good opportunity for fat burning through the night. Just be sure to eat as soon as you rise as you’ll likely get hungry quicker.


Had a handful of blueberries (which is still a sugar) on my non training day as I felt tired from not eating close to bed the night before. This feeling was low blood sugar so I used the berries to raise it back up.


Had a protein shake after I trained (with a vitamin C tab as an anti-inflammatory). Good for instant recovery, and a good idea if you won’t be eating until over an hour after training.


Was calling out somewhere and got out of work real late. Had to go for something on the run and went for a burrito. I had just trained so I was in a position where carbs could be utilised. I ordered a burrito with extra beef, mininal sauce and no rice or cheese. So considering I trained this wasn’t too bad at all. Carbs in the wrap and protein in the beef. Good for building muscle.


As I was out I couldnt cook before heading to an early meeting, so I did the best I could on the move and picked up a packet of ham and an apple. Low GI fruit and poor quality protein is all I had access to. It would keep me full and wouldn’t take me out of my fat burning cycle too much.


Again, out all day so had an emergency protein shake. It will at the very least keep your body from going into starvation mode and becoming catabolic (burning muscle for energy).


Had 2 peanut butter cookies which are a great low GI high fat treat. They are however high calorie so watch your quantities! 2-3 max.


Went for lunch after training. Its a good opportunity to be a little more open with food as sugars are more utilised after training, being coverted to glycogen to replacement whats been exhausted from your muscle (as in point 7). So I got the protein in the chicken, and kept the sugars to low GI with sweet potato.


My cheat meal, do not judge me! Haha. I could easily get through a kilo of jellies, bit I kept it in moderation. I like simple sugars in my cheat meals. TERRIBLE for burning fat, but good for refilling any lost muscle glycogen (point 7 and 11). I can atleast come out confident that my strength will be peaked in my next workout.

Didnt fill out Sunday but it was a very typical non training day regiment. Made a veg smoothie which I had throughout the day to keep my stomack from grumbling! And obviously high protein and moderate healthy fats.

Any questions on anything in this post just throw them my way! Hope this gives you some guidance. Its not necessarily easy for anyone, so if you have any obstacles I’ve probably been through it myself.

– Patrick



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