Organic Week, and The Paleo Diet

Being Organic week, i will give you some info on a diet that I am currently doing. Its perfect for me because Lidl next door are doing €1 offers on all organic produce this week. Handy!

So now to apply it to an eating plan. Every nutritionist or dietary author will have mixed opinions on what the best diet is. A definate contender on everyones list however is the Caveman diet, aka the Paleolithic (Paleo) Diet, or the Neanderthal Diet. It is based around trying to match your diet to that of our caveman ancestors of the Paleolithic era, long before dairy farming, grains and pop-tarts. Put extremely lighlty, you can only eat that which comes from the land, and is for the most part completely unaltered by man. This would include 0nly organic raw vegetables and fruits, grass fed and organic meats etc. The additives in processed foods are obvious, and written on them. So its obvious that TV dinners are’nt good for us, but what about the raw ingredients that are not organic?

Chickens and other mass farmed animals are just not healthy. They are pumped full of hormones and preservatives that are passed onto us. If you’ve ever seen wild animal meat, there is little visible fat, especially not between muscle. This is called marbling, an example would be the fat that runs through a beef steak – Its just not there on a wild animal. Farmed animals are generally sick, and poorly looked after. Organic Grassfed beef do not contain these hormones, and are generally healthy which can be seen and tasted in the meat. Wild meat is untouched, but can be expensive and hard to source.

As for fruit and vegetables, chemicals and pesticides sprayed over them destroy nutrients, and these chemicals remain present in the foods when we are eating them. Switching to organic fruit and vegetables avoids these additives. The food tastes good, but goes off easily (due to no preservatives), but is worth it. Give it time, and as your body releases its toxins (due highly to the amount of antioxidants in all the fresh organic veg), you body will burn excess calories (all the nasty man altered carbs) at a powerful rate. Toxins in the body cause stress, which if you look back in posts, I have told you causes the body to store fat. Be toxin intake free, and on a calorie defecit, and the end result is… well.. desirable.

If you’re interested ask me for some practical info

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