Music and Cardio

In order to achieve the most out of your cardio workouts, whether it is a run in the park or a simple circuit at home, you should create a personalised playlist of songs that will motivate you not to stop short and to go that extra mile.

Listening to upbeat/face paced music during your cardio sessions is a great tool for keeping you focused on the task at hand, and you will find that whilst listening/concentrating on hearing the music, you become oblivious to your heavy breathing and how tired you are so you can train harder and longer.

Tips on picking your Playlist:
– for the main cardio phase, choose songs that are fast paced and have an upbeat tempo
-music preference is completely personal, so whether it is rock/pop/rap/electro music, choose the songs that bring a smile to your own face
-use a reliable mp3/iPod player, this makes it easier to download or create playlists
-be adventurous, try working out to music you normally wouldn’t put on, for instance if you love dance music, try switching that over to rock, you will be surprised(with the right songs) how focused you get on the music and not how tired you are
-during warm-up/cool-down, slow paced melodic music is great to slow down the pace of exercise and thus decrease your heart-rate after a hard cardiovascular session

As I have mentioned, music preference is entirely personal and you should try creating your own playlist, but if you are not musically minded and do not have access to a music library, I have included some sample playlists that you may use during your workout

Dance Playlist:
Note: Track 1= warm up, Track 10= cool down
1: Tim Berg – Bromance
2: Prodigy – No Good
3: Deadmau5 – One Trick Pony Feat. Sofi
4: Swedish House Mafia – From Miami To Ibiza
5: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (A-Trax Remix)
6: David Guetta – Missing You Feat. Novel
7: Prodigy – Breath
8: Steve Angello + Laid Back Luke – Show Me Love (Club Mix)
9: Punkrok – So Good
10: Reflekt – Need To Feel Loved Feat Decline Bass

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