Metabolic Meal Plan – Overcoming Initial Problems

Over – coming your instincts

This post is a reply to a client (I’ll let him/her decide to come forward or not) when I gave them the Metabolic Meal Plan. I found out they they instinctively reverted back to their old opinion on what “healthy” is.

“Hi ______

Just in what you said you were eating. Im not sure if you just didnt include meats and the major cruciferous greens in what you said you ate. That looks like a relatively normal “healthy diet”, not the specific fat burning diet. It would be ok if you had fish, loads of chicken and a rake of brocolli and cabbage with it,, Im just not sure if you left all that out.

You have to remember the WHOLE thing about ths diet is taking in vast quantities of very certain foods that contin alot of fibre, few calories, and spark metabolism. Imagine this. If you took what you told me there, put it in a blender and condensed it you would have a smoothie that would be relatively thick with a moderate amount of calories in it. Now imagine you got 2 chicken breasts, a head of brocolli and a lot of cabbage. If you blended this you would have an even bigger smoothie (in terms of quantity) than your last one, which would also have alot less calories in it. This smoothie would also stimulate your metabolism more, and reduce cravings.

You have to remember the golden rule: 2 thirds of your plate must be from the “lots of” category.

You will lose weight with what your eating ____, but you wont be getting the same positive hormonal effects as from eating the vast quantities of lean meats and cruciferous veg. The salted peanuts have to go too Im afraid.

No Salt Allowed!”

End of message

You must be careful not to stray back into a regular chicken and veg diet. That is a healthy diet, but not a fat burning diet. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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