Metabolic Diet – Your Average Day

I just want to give everyone an idea of what an average days intake would look like, with 3 examples of each.

So, the bulk of your plate is Protein and Fibre (the more filling nutrients) , then fats and carbs. If the typical meal set below doesnt fill you, add more protein and fibre.

The Day

– Wake up in the morning


1.   Oatmeal with water, protein shake (100% whey)

2    Wheat and Gluten Free Toast (2 slices) with 4 egg omelette (1 yolk)

3    Left-Overs from Last Nights dinner

–  Snack (2.5 hours later)

1    Protein Shake

2    Celery and Peanut Butter

3    6-8 almonds and Apple

Lunch (2.5 hours later)

1    Grilled Chicken Breast with Cabbage and Mashed Sweet Potato (0.5 cups)

2    Salmon Darne with lemon juice and 1 cup brocolli, slice toast (no wheat/gluten)

3    Salad – Brocolli, Olives, Small amount feta cheese.

–   Snack 2 (3 hours later)

1    Brocolli (al Dente) mash with Hommous

2    Cabbage and Ripped Chicken Mash with olive spread.

3    Apple,  1 tlbs  Almond/ Cashew Nut Butter

–  Dinner (2.5 hours later)

1     Organic Beef Cuts, Spinach (Olive Spread) and Celery

2     Roasted Mackerel with lemon slices, celery and spinach leaves.

3     Organic Beef Mince with chopped tomatoes and spices with brocolli, cabbage and olive spread.

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