Metabolic Diet Questionnaire (Take this 1 week into plan)

The following questionnaire is for people who have been attempting a Metabolic Style of eating for over a week.


1.   Are you ever hungry?

YES  –   Not good. This goes against the whole plan. Raise your protein and fibre (veg) intake until                 you feel satisfied, or else your metabolism will drop. Remember to eat before you become hungry.

No  –   Good, but make sure you never feel too full. This could mean over-eating. If you feel                                 full check your intake quantities and possibly reduce carbohydrate intake. Reduce Carbs before reducing protein or fibre (meat/fish or veg).

2.   Do you have energy?

YES   –  Good. Having energy on a constant basis means your hormones are allowing fat to be released as energy. This feeling should be consistent through the day.

No   –   You may need to raise your intake of food again, until energy feels consistent. Fat burning wont maximise till you reach this point.

2.B   If you feel weak

Weakness is a sign of low blood sugar. Eat some low GI carbohydrates as on the list. This could be zero wheat/gluten toast, oatmeal, an apple, a pear, some natural yoghurt with berries, some unsugared granola etc. These carbs will help raise  your blood sugar. Don’t eat too much or you’ll give yourself HIGH blood sugar, shutting off fat burning.

3.  Are you eating enough of the “lots of” category?

It’s easy to overlook the main objective. Try not to fall back into a normal “healthy diet”. If you have a large plate that contains your whole day eating, it should be filled 2 thirds with meat, fish, and green veg’s (and lots of it). It is this intake that make this eating plan so effective.

4.  Are you getting 8 hours sleep?

YES   –    Good, you should be feeling fresh in the morning, and are getting a good nights recovery.

NO   –    Getting anything less than 7.5 hours will have a negative hormonal effect. You are more likely to wake up with Cortisol in your system, which is bad for fat burning. Sleep helps reduce stress, and is required for adequate muscle recovery between training sessions.

5.   Do you get cravings?

      YES  –   Cravings are caused in part by negative hormonal responses, especially stress.  You may not be getting enough sleep, be eating enough, or need to evaluate some form of stress in your life.

NO  –    Good, this is a sign your brain is not telling you to eat. You are likely stress free (relatively) and eating enough.

 6.   Do you go to bed feeling hungry?

YES  –   You never want to be hungry, regardless of the time. The only nutrient you must watch before bed time is carbohydrates. Eat more protein and fibre meals whenever hungry in the late evening, especially those in the post “late night snacks”.

NO  –   Good. Just be careful you are not eating too much carbohydrates before bed.

7.   Do you wake up feeling leaner?

                   This is another sign you may not be controlling your evening meals correctly. If done correctly according to the answers above (Q. 6), you should be waking up feeling leaner, with energy, and not hungry.

8.  Are you happy with this diet?

YES  –  Good, you are likely having a positive fat burning hormonal response, which actually has a positive effect on mood and energy.

NO  –   Maybe youa re just starting this plan, and it takes a week or so to adapt. You may also not be eating enough, and your hormones are not on your side yet. Also, if you find all the meals described as unpalatable, contact me directly and we can sort something out.



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