Melt Down – Cutting back to cut up!

Hey, where did she go?!

Melt Down, the conditioning and nutrition program designed with one thing in mind: maximising fat burning to reveal the slenderest you.

Although the Underground System is an on-going and ever changing fat burning workout, there are steps you can take to ensure you drop body weight fast. The Reconditioning program will build muscle while burning fat (which would greatly improve your appearance), but won’t allow you to drop much weight on the scales. To do this, you must increase the amount of calories you burn daily while you reduce your calorie intake. Increase output, reduce input. Simple enough.

The Melt Down training system seeks to increase the amount of fat you burn in the workout (instead of carbs), while the diet seeks to limit carbohydrate intake on non-training days. This effect leads to the burn off of body fat stores. Where-as Muscle Up uses a lot of carbs to perform heavy lifts, the Melt Down system revolves around consistent movement, which is closer related to cardiovascular training (just like on a bike/treadmill).

The key to maximising fat burning in the workout is to select the maximum weight that allows you to work continuously through the stations (each of the exercises). So for example, if in a squat with a 12kg kettlebell you have to stop short of the whistle, reduce your kettlebell to 8kg so you can go the full 45 seconds. You are trying as much as possible to maintain consistent movement through the exercises, including jogging from station to station, while sacrificing as little weight as possible. Reducing the weight you would usually use in order to perform consistent reps is sacrificing muscle building stimulus for body fat burning.

One thing you definitely do not want to do is use this as a subconscious excuse to train easier. In the example of the squat, if you can nearly get the full 45 seconds with 12kg stick with that weight. Only drop down weight when you are forced to pause consistently throughout.   It is much better for fat burning to nearly be consistent with 12kg than it would be if you dropped it to an easily manageable 8kg. Find a weight that you can use relatively continuously before dropping to a weight you may find easy.  You must still preform with maximum intensity!

Train outside your comfort zone. The hot feeling you get when you train intensely is your body giving off energy (calories) as heat. This is greatly desired.

Power based movements should be performed where possible. Box jumps or anything explosive (jumping/ burpees etc.) will burn off more calories than their low impact counterparts (usually the beginner exercises).  Of course you may need to build up your ability to perform these exercises, or may need to avoid them due to injury, but strive to perform them intensely and never avoid them because you think they are “too difficult”. Can you honestly say you 100% deserve to achieve your goals if you have this attitude? You must train hard and push yourself to your limits. It is in this stress your body is forced to change.






To achieve maximal fat burning you must get rather technical. It takes some careful planning to not only drop down to a weight you want, but to maintain muscle mass and with it your metabolism in the process.

In the guide there is constant reference to a cut-off point for dropping calories below required levels. We cannot stress enough how dangerous and counter-productive it can be to drop below this amount. Don’t think that we do not have your best interests at heart; we want you to achieve your goals as much as you do. These are set to maximal limits, and thinking you can do more could destroy the process. The weight drop is for 1.5 – 2lbs of body fat a week, which is a good target when you can come out the other side with the ability to keep it off.

The Melt Down meal plan consists of plenty of protein, and well-timed carbs, having them dropped or eliminated when they are simply not needed. Protein is muscle, and if you are what you eat… you see where this is going.

Keep moving and stay consistent in your diet. We will be supplying you with information to integrate into your plan, like meal ideas/ what to do for snacks etc. We are hoping to provide you with on-going support and information to help you better achieve your goal.

Follow the plan. Melt Down. Lose the weight. Keep it off.

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