It has come to my attention that I have not documented the importance of hydration (thank you Claire), so I’ll give you the low down on the clear stuff.

Water balance is important in maintaining our bodies metabolic functions (metabolism), and while it is false that more water boosts our metabolism, it is true that a lack there-of can lower it. So during the day, and especially while exercising we lose water through various fnctions, which I’ve pulled from a water bottling site would you believe:

  • 1500 ml/day excretion by kidneys in the form of urine
  • 500ml/day evaporation and perspiration from the skin
  • 300ml/day from the lungs
  • 200 ml/day from the gastrointestinal tract
  • So it can be seen on average we lose 2.5 litres of bodily fluid before exercise. So as a general rule I believe it a good idea to cunsume 4 litres of water a day while exercising heavily. A good guide would be while not being as clear as water, our urine should not be yellow. It should be pale. Bare in mind that drinking too much water can lead to digestive problems and strain on the bladder.

    Another interesting strategy that you can bring to my attention before a session is as follows: weigh yourself before/after training to measure what weight of liquids you’ve lost during execise (after shower).

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