Exercise Outside Studio Sessions

I have drawn up an easy to understand graph to show recommended exercise on days outside your Personal Training sessions. There are 3 variations to suit whether you train once, twice or 3 times a week. Four exercise sessions per week is recommended to maximise results, while allowing enough time to properly recover. Those well into a training cycle, experienced, or not on a low carb diet may be able to train a fifth time (if they can!). All the sessions in the week are seperated as much as possible to allow for recovery. I would not recommend more than 4 days of resistance training (weight training), so the optional fifth day is for cardio only (your resistance training days outside the studio should already be discussed with us). A typical cardio program would consist of up to a half hour of jogging, light running or speed walking dpending on fitness levels. Please come to me for recommendations for what you may be able to do.

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