EPOC… The “Afterburn”

Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption, also known as the “afterburn” is an effect felt mostly after high intensity training. This is a state of elevated oxygen intake your body goes through after training to restore oxygen balance in the body. Inshort it means your body still requires a vast amount of oxygen to fuel recovery and othe rprocesses long after you’ve finished training. The rate and duration of this afterburn depends on the intensity and duration of your training. You have probably gotten out of a shower after intense training only to find that you’re still sweating (pretty pointless shower eh). The more anaerobic (without oxygen) the exercise is, the greater the oxygen “debt”. As your heart rate and metabolism are fired during this oxygen refuelling stage, you will burn calories long after training has finished (up to 36 hours). Good stuff!!! This is very prevalent with kettlebell training due to its intensity. So… keep it intense

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