Eat Tastier with Paleo Sauces


A lot of people try to follow a really clean diet, giving it 100%, but the problem I encounter a lot is “taste”. Its hard to tell people what to go for, even soy sauce has negatives. So in the interest of staying sane and being able to enjoy your healthy diet, apply the sauce! I mean that’s really what you’re tasting. Any sauce can make a chicken or fish meal taste great.

When it comes to sauces, aim for paleo. below is an example of what came up when I Googles paleo sauces… here’s 50!

The good thing about Paleo sauces is that they will not contain the MSG’s, trans fats, modified starches, sugars or preservatives you are trying to avoid with “packaged” sauces. So its win, win. Enjoy your tasty new fat burning diet!



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