Counting Calories in Anabolic Window (for those looking to lose weight!!)

(Note this doesnt effect people looking to gain, as they have the carb allowance). It has come up about portion size during the anbabolic window. It is hard to say what the body needs after various sessions. There are many variables icluding, size of muscles worked (legs bigger than biceps), size of individual, and how hard trained. I say you need carbs always in the morning, and either at lunch or before/after training. In my calorie guidelines there is allowance for an “off-day”. In a perfect world you would use this higher allowance of carbs on your training day, as you need more carbs to make up 3 servings (morning,before + After training), as opposed to just morning + lunch. I know I told some of you to only take in 30-40 gms of carbs a day, but I also say you need that amount after training alone. It is a contradiction.  As you will be more likely to eat out at weekends, you should use “off-days” on days like these where you know you have less control over your diet (birthday dinner etc). So to remedy this, those looking to create a drastic calorie deficit  can take in 20-30gms (based on session intensity) of  high GI carbs, which they do not have to include in their intake amount. These carbs are not stored (check the guide for why). But only after resistance training!! Jogging etc doesnt require extra carbs, as you dont go anabolic!!! (no window!)

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