Cheating “correctly”.

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The Underground is not a network or puritans, we are outstanding everyday people training our hearts out to become more today than we were yesterday.

We enjoy life, the Underground is there to be enjoyed. But we also enjoy food. Yes, the bad stuff has to be limited to get to where we need to go but a complete shut down of the tasty stuff isn’t good for the soul, and the soul is important. Why are we here on earth if not for enjoyment?

Eat clean, train hard, and when the time comes flip 180 and eat what you want. You won’t be destroying all your hard work, just taking a tiny step back in a long journey forward. Don’t feel guilty, you’re just living life. Guilt leads to stress, which releases cortisol. Eating sugary foods can take you back an allowed step, but stressing about it is a one two punch.

Elevated stress lead to elevated cortisol levels, which when combined with the insulin elevated by the sugar can play havoc on your system burning muscle and storing fat. Take some joy from the food you treat yourself to. Joy leads to endorphins which shows amazing health benefits including increased recovery.

A good sugar boost is also a good thing every now and then to reset insulin sensitivity. If you get too good at something (even burning fat) it’s effects can weaken as your body gets more efficient at it.

So, to recap, eat clean, train Underground 3 times a week (like a monster) and enjoy the finer stuff when it comes along.

And be happy with it! For that’s why we’re here.

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