Caveman Week 4

My whole concept on food has been changed somewhat. Coming off this diet, I think I’ll take with me a new outlook on food. The diet really forces you to take a look at what food really is, and what it contains. I had always known the effects of additives, but had never thought the benefit of removing them would be worth the impracticality of eating like a caveman.

I’ve stuck to organic veg, fruits,nuts and seeds, but have at times resorted to standard meats and fish. You can only get uncooked organic meats, so you must pre-cook your meats if you need lunch etc. If I was ever working long days and had no pre-cooked with me, I saw a small change in the diet worth not missing your protein for a whole day!

Ah its still all good psychologically and physically, so I’ll keep on at it. Bring on week 5

I have lost 2lbs in the last week, but am still gaining muscle and strenght. I dont have real cravings for anything anymore. I have also lost a large part of my evening hunger (there was loads of it though!) I do miss carb foods like my protein porridge, but am’nt really hungry for it. I look forward to eating it, but dont care I’m still a couple of weeks away.

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